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Family-Style Dining

Abunawas is sure to provide you with a cultural transportation back to the Middle East through a culinary transformative experience. Enjoy the warmth and    welcome that makes Abunawas Restaurant such a unique Middle Eastern oasis in Indonesia.




1999 Abunawas opened its first branch in Matraman, East of Jakarta, in 2015 we are expanded our branch to a popular district in Kemang Utara, South of Jakarta and now we are expanding our new branch in one of the famous city in the world, Bali, Indonesia. Over the past two decades, Abunawas Restaurant prides itself in providing healthy, nutritional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine in a relaxed, casual atmosphere with superior service. Our dream was to provide a highly successful business in promoting togetherness and friendliness. Abunawas has been honored to serve many prestigious events. We have been ranked one of the Best Middle Eastern Restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia for over two decades. We are extremely proud of these recognitions.

Now we are expanding our new branch in one of the famous island in the world, Bali. Styled in classic Moroccan courtyard architecture, Abunawas Restaurant Bali is designed to let every guest feel the tropical breeze while enjoy the authentic middle eastern dishes at our open-air space. Located in the centre city of Denpasar, Abunawas comes with a choice of typical Middle Eastern food in Bali with a appetizing concept

We want Abunawas Restaurant to be a center staple for the customers to enjoy friendly company, feast on the robust flavors of the halal Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisine in Bali.





Following our mission, Abunawas Restaurant Bali specifically designed as Arabic-style culinary centre that provides halal cuisine. As an Arabic restaurant in Bali, we serve Middle Eastern-style food with authentic, indulgent tastes.

Our menu includes a variety of rice, lamb, chicken & fresh salads. Use your imagination and our large menu to create a healthy and satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner for one, for a family dinner or any function, however large. Through the international food processing standards that we offer, Abunawas is always ready to be the best Middle Eastern restaurant in Bali.

Whether you are planning at home, or a hall for a small or large celebration, let us help you plan your next memorable event with preparing wonderful platters and dishes made from fresh ingredients, using a great quality product and a large variety for your guest to enjoy! We are ready to cater your next party.

Open-air are with table, indoor room with Arabian carpet seating or private meeting area, choose what suit you best! Our multi-Functional venue can fit up to 200 people for hosting your next event.



We make our food from scratch with good quality ingredients, so you never have to worry about hidden chemical or preservatives. Every single ingredients that we use is checked by hand by our  team to ensure that you get the best quality meal


Rp 87,000 - 120,000


Rp 175,000


Rp 82,000

Muqabalat Musyakkal

Journey to enjoy a plate of various dips contain of Hummus, Mutabbal, Tabouleh, Baba Ghanouj serves with 5 tannour bread (medium) or 8 tannour bread (large)

Mashwi Musyakkal

The best option to have a taste of different version of skewered meat, Combination of grilled lamb & chicken,  lamb & chicken kebab also lamb liver serves with tannour bread

Kofta Salona

Ground lamb mixed with herbs skewer the meat on a rib then cooked in a rich & thick lamb broth with spices & mixed vegetables. ~ 3 pieces/portion



Magloobah Lamb

A stand out rice dish made of spice rubbed lamb served on top of rice, fried eggplant & potato wedges. Absolutely worth the effort involved & a real show stopper dish. (min. 2 portions)


Rp 842,000

Family Package - Lamb (Good for 5)

perfect size to host a get together with a simple yet tasty dishes options for party of 5. let’s get them asking for more! 5 portion of Mandi/ Briyani/ Zurbiyan rice with grilled chicken, 1 bowl of Khudar Musyakkal, 5 pieces of Sambosa, 2 cup of Umm Ali, Salata khadra.



Location & Hours


Jl. Matraman Raya no.15

(021) 8583914


Jl. Kemang Utara no.15

(021) 71794691


Jl. Imam Bonjol 

(0361) 8452430


10:00 to 23:00